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Grind and Grow is not an investment company of any sort. We offer educational Value to allow you make informed decisions with your money. By agreeing to this documentation, you are here by taking full responsibility for your money decisions in the financial market.

We do not offer investment advice and information on our academy is for educational purposes only.

Participating in the financial market involves RISK generally, as we will not be responsible for any Losses you might encure in the market

Your Payment is like your Tuition fees thus, it is your responsibility to attend the online classes, watch the educational videos and do the class assessments to attain the mastery of the skillset being taught.

All members that enter the academy between the 1st -15th of a month will have that month count for them as their first month. And their first 3 months will expire on the 15th day of the 3rd month.

Each member result and performance will Vary depending on how seriously they treat their education.

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